Weekly Photo Challenge-Dreaming

Don’t mind all the dust–I’m still under construction!

A Sneak Peek of our new home! :) It’s an exciting time in our lives right now because our new home should be ready in the next two weeks. (About two weeks earlier than planned–so my Type A/OCD self is a little stressed. Have we started packing? No! Cleaning? No! There sure is a lot to do–not to mention we will be gone next weekend! YIKES!).

As first-time home owners, this purchase lends itself to many dreams. Dreams for a long and happy life together with my awesome husband. Dreams of celebrating holidays surrounded by friends and family, and dreams of eventually expanding our family. Dreams (and plans) of how to decorate and organize each room. And more recently, actual dreams of packing and sorting through an ocean of boxes (I mean honestly, does anybody actually like moving?)

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Dreaming

  1. Crystal

    Love your new home so far! It looks amazing! Can’t wait to see what your dreams concoct as far as decorating each room and making it your own! :)

    1. Krystle Callaway Post author

      Thanks sweetie! I’ve been on Pinterest way too much recently, but I’ve found a lot of cute decorating ideas. It will take some time to decorate it all, but I’m up for the challenge. Have a great Monday!

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