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Birthdays, Father’s Day, and Parties Galore

Hey Friends! It has been a little while. This is beginning to sound like a broken record—I know, and I promise that things will start slowing down soon so I can post regularly again. I do plan on posting tomorrow about our exciting adventures to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands–so stay Tuned!

We had a very busy weekend, beginning on Friday with my 26th birthday! (I like to say it’s my second 25th!) ;-) 25 was a good age for me, so here’s to hoping that 26 will only get better!

The husband and I celebrated by taking the 20 minute drive up to Park City, Utah. We love Park City during this time of the year; usually, it’s about 20 degrees cooler than the city, so when the thermometer was pushing mid 90s on Friday, we knew where to find our perfect escape. We started the evening by having dinner at the Wasatch Pub Brewery, one of my favorite PC restaurants, then stopped for dessert at Java Cow ice cream; this small ice cream shop makes a majority of their ice cream in-house. We walked Main Street before heading over to the outlets to do a little birthday shopping; my husband bought me a new wallet and it’s beauuuuuu-ti-ful!

One of my birthday presents!

On Saturday, I drove up to my hometown to help one of my best friends celebrate her 27th birthday. When I arrived, I was surprised because I found out that my friends were having a combined birthday party for both of us. It was so thoughtful and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such great girls!

The Birthday Girls

Sunday, as we all know, was Father’s Day, and it turned out to be a very special day for me. I am lucky enough to have two awesome fathers in my life (Happy Father’s Day Dad and Mark!) We had a busy day ahead of us as we were going to spend the morning and part of the afternoon with my dad, and then head over to my grandpa’s house (on my mom’s side) for a BBQ with the other half of my family.

When we woke up, my husband informed me that instead of leaving early as we had planned, we were actually going to leave about two hours later. Naturally, I was worried because I told my Dad that we were coming up to his house pretty early (It had nothing to do with the fact that I’m a total Type A personality who likes to know about everything that is going on). ;-) Cody reassured me that it was going to be okay and told me the reason that we were leaving a little late was because we had to pick something up on our way to Brigham City. I spent the morning trying to figure out what in the world he needed in this smaller town that he couldn’t get in the city.

After two hours of anxiously waiting, we drove north while Cody gave me directions to this “secret location” which happened to be Rainbow Gardens. Rainbow Gardens is a really cute store located in Ogden, Utah, and the best part about it is the small restaurant inside. I had been to Rainbow Gardens many years ago with my dad and step mom and wondered what in the world Cody needed to pick up. As we walked inside, we walked by the restaurant and to my surprise my dad, stepmom, and little brother were all waiting inside. It was a wonderful Father’s Day surprise for my dad, and an awesome birthday surprise for me. You see my husband, stepmom, and little brother decided to plan a surprise Birthday/Father’s Day lunch for both my dad and I at Rainbow Gardens.

We finished the afternoon at my grandpa’s to celebrate Father’s day and his birthday (it’s tomorrow). We ate delicious food and played a competitive game of croquet. Yours truly came out the winner! :) See the photo below, it truly was a photo finish—my cousin didn’t quite hit her green ball far enough because a few blades of grass changed me from the second place finisher to the winner.

Wow. That was a long post. So, fill me in, how was your weekend?